Sunday, August 22, 2010

Monitor Your Child's Cell Phone, Text Messages

Every weekend I listen to my favorite Computer radio show called And on this weeks show the subject came up on text
messages and what your children are texting about on a daily basis.

Parents want to know who and what their children are talking to and
and what they are talking about.

Their is a website that makes it very easy to monitor your children
text messages it is called
below are some of the features.

Monitor Your Child's Cell Phone, Text Messages and Email With Alerts to Unauthorized Activity with RADAR, My Mobile Watchdog

1. Stranger Danger – Parents need to know who is talking to their children.

2. Sexting – This is becoming epidemic in high schools around the country

3. Cyber Bullying – It is well established that Cyber Bullying has become the leading mobile issue today.

4. Inappropriate Internet Activity – Children lack the maturity to handle much of the content available to them on the Internet today.

Hope this information helps you keep track of what your children are doing
while online and while they are on their cell phones. Another good site that
also helps protects your kids are

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