Sunday, February 28, 2010

Surviving the Tsunami in Hawaii Feb 27th 2010

As most people know by now Hawaii was hit by a Tsunami Yesterday which was a
aftermath of the Earth Quake in Chile' on Friday.You never know how you will
feel until you are in that type of situation.

First the Sirens goes off all over the entire tune in to the TV
to see what they are saying in the news.

And you are advised to evacuate your home. You suddenly realize you only have a short period of time to get your important belongings together.

With me panic started to sink in that once I left my home
it may be for the last time. I took my radio...some food clothes...towels...bathroom stuff and some money.

Also took water and plenty of can goods. made sure the car was full of gas.

Our Master plan was to get to higher ground did not matter where just as
long as we were high enough so that we were safe and where we could see the ocean...that way we could see the big wave of water as it was to hit our
Island some time very soon the official says.

It was surreal as I had thoughts as time went this really happening or is this a big joke. But I knew the truth and I said a prayer to God and said not
now don't let this happen to me...

It always happens to some one else...but this time it was me...and now I know how others feel as they face tragedy.

Most people in Hawaii were in a festive mood and felt that everything would be
okay and Our prayers were answered because when our time came God had spared us.

The levels of water that reached our shores were minimal...and boy were we

I suddenly realized that living in Paradise is not Free. True Happiness Is!

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