Monday, January 18, 2010

What is in your Fridge

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This message is meant to help those families who are struggling just to find a good meal for your family today in this troubled economy.

With the prices of groceries keep going up each is a way to make great meals using what you already have in your refrigerator saving you money by not having to go the store everyday.

Welcome to Cooking By Numbers, are you ready to cook?.....Get clicking on what you've got and we'll show you what you can cook.....Don't worry, Skills By Numbers will make you look great in the kitchen..... Can't make up your mind about what to cook? Click I feel lucky as well.....

Just check the appropriate boxes from the menu of what you currently have in your fridge...and Cooking by the numbers will come up with recipes for you to
choose rom to assist you to stretch your dollar while still enjoying great meals for you and your family.

This website is called:

I would like to know how this information helps you any comments are welcome..Aloha!

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