Thursday, January 28, 2010

How I cancelled my Cable and I still watch my favorite shows

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This is a true story: earlier this year I was victim of the struggling
economy and I lost my job for a period of time. During this time i had
to take a close look at my bills to find a way to get through this troubled
time until I found another job, i eventually did.

I had to cut back on some things just until things got better. So we decided to
cut off all luxuries and only keep the things that we really needed, so the first thing to go was the cable. Let me tell you that was not easy, So to get some
relief I did a Google search for free live streaming movies, I remembered that
every television station has a website and every station website has the shows
that are on tv. The results for free live streaming movies opened up a whole
new world of shows and movies i could watch for free online.

I got a list of over 25 different websites. I was so used to having a DVR to tape
my favorite shows but when I cancelled cable all of that was gone. I then
decided to buy a Tivo machine which is machine that does the same thing as
the DVR did but once you buy a Tivo there is no more cable bills you only pay
$12.95 per month for the Tivo service which comes out to just over a hundred dollars per year. That is nice compared to the costly cable bills per month.

Recently I have been seeing other companies like Netflix, Blockbuster,BlueRay,
iTunes ,who are also starting new programs that bring movies and tv shows
directly to your computer and to your television. The world is evolving in this
direction if you are interested in learning more about cancelling your cable tv
and still being able to watch your favorite show got to the following website:
Best of Luck to you...If I can do it so can you....Aloha

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