Monday, December 7, 2009

Keep Your Kids Safe online

It has come to my attention that some children are being exposed to some
websites in which I do Not think that you a parent would want your kids
to be associated with and especially not visiting those sights online. All
this is being done under the eyes of people who are not even aware that their
Blackberry..Iphone and Smartphone and other mobile devices are some of the
ways these bad naughty sites are being exposed to children. You see the latest feature
that is being used is the different Apps with stands for Applications which are
being use as a marketing tactic to get more people to make more purchases of their products.

But what most parents
do not know and I am going to tell you that some of these links from these
different Apps also have links send people with out there permission to
some websites that may be for adults only. I know you says why don't you just
set the filter to stop these sites from being available.

But these apps some
how gets past the filters and goes to those inappropriate sites anyway. And also
watch out...since this problem was been discovered...some companies just hide their
links in other ways and pop up at random hidden behind some other applications.

Some companies are working to correct these issues, but others are just trying
to get more traffic to their website. So it is up to your kids and talk
to them about this will be amazed when they tell you they know about
it already. Some kids can work these apps better than their parents, so parents
ask your kids if the know about this they will educate you about it and then you
can put a stop to it, Then you can spread the word to other parents so they can
start to prevent this from happening to their kids.

Also watch some of those kids
websites... on their toolbar there is a more tab when kids click on this tab...this is another way kids are exposed to the naughty websites. Keep you eyes open
and let's keep our Kids Safe while they surf the net.

I listen to a computer radio show where the Host tries to keep people safe while
online...and she is also a concerned parent who interested also in Keeping
kids Safe Online listen to her radio show or go to her website:

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