Monday, December 28, 2009

Finding ways for consumers to save money online In these hard times

Money is tight these days, and many consumers are in need of ways to save money on their everyday expenses. Lots of companies are offering good deals using coupons to gain the attention of consumers who are looking for bargains and good savings.Some people know how to find these offers and they are enjoying these savings and I think you should also be aware of these savings.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Keeping Your Eye On The Prize

Positive Thinking and Staying Focused in the Today's Changing World Economy

You know when you feel powerful....I mean that deep ,power within when you believe in what you are doing...but no one else seems to believe like you do. So you keep moving on ...striving...believing in yourself. as you keep working towards your goal..

When you are in the think about your dream...when you are working each day , just to pay the bills you are dreaming of how it could be or how you want it to be. When you get into your car that next time...just think did I go for my dream, or did I just take the easy way out. These are some of the things that go through your mind on a daily basis as a Entrepreneur.

Because as a Entrepreneur nothing is easy there are no guarantees...tomorrow is not promised to us and everyday brings on new situations and adventures.. You have to bring your A game to work all of the time, and always hope for the best. Negativity is a constant but the trick is to keep it in a small corner of your mind and do not let it affect any way. If you let negative thoughts or feelings get in your matter who you are you will be distracted from your goal.,and you will go into a slump or have difficulty making sales or just doing your job to best of your ability..

Here is my motto or should say my see I am a B2B Telemarketing Specialist and I also operate my website called Quality Online Deals. I do my work daily trying to bring a breath of fresh air to the scene by finding superior products and offering big savings for everybody..

You see I am a person who walks the walk...and talks the talk, you see I actually work hard to help create a safe and pleasurable experience for people when they come online. Let's face it most people are looking for Good information...Great Deals with proven products that pleases everyone's taste. Since most people are going online these days, I feel as though if you present fair and honest opportunities to people and they in turn benefit from it....that is what you call a win win situation.

Recently I reached a small goal I had set for my self back in May. During that time I was a victim of the struggling world we live in today...I lost my Job and was facing the real fact that I was in serious Trouble. I had to find a way to Move forward...but I had to first get a hold of my inner thoughts and give myself some credit for what I have achieved, because I just having bad panic attacks, and I kept thinking what if...I was truly scared for myself and for my family. But I stayed focused and faced my Fear and continued to stay positive and proceeded on trying to find a way that works.

So when I talk about thinking positive I have been truly tested and I am being tested still everyday. The thing is not to lose your focus, keep your eye on the prize,your goal and more.

When I write about my daily adventures I do it so if anyone out there is going through a similar situation they may Discover and get strength or just to see you are not alone may help someone else to turn things around. So just keep on Dreaming and reaching for your goal...and remember never give up. When you get a chance or the next time you are on line check out my new website and also I have created a Blog so I can write to people in a more personal way

Just write me a comment or just ask me a question and I will get back in touch with you in a timely fashion. Or you can just enter our Free Giveaways to win some our Monthly Specials, New Products and more...Wish you all the best Take care...Aloha!

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Hidden Features in Your Cell Phones

Have you ever been on a business trip or maybe you have been scheduled for
a early meeting and you do not have a alarm clock to wake you up on time.
Most people in today's world have or knows some one who has a cell phone.

What most people including me may not know is that most cell phones and
all mobile devices have a clock within their applications and if their is
a clock there will be a alarm also.

When I discovered this feature within my cell
phone this made life a lot easier because now i can rest easy knowing that
I will be able to wake up on time when traveling no more need for wake up calls...and this will help a lot of people who either do not have a alarm clock...
or just have a hard time making it to your appointment on time or just be on time for work or for school.

Take some time to look at some of the extra features you are paying for when you own a cell
phone you might just find a feature that will help make your life a little easier.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Only 16 Shopping Days Left Be Safe watch your
surroundings when making purchases. Also when putting presents in your car keep
your eyes moving as you enter your vehicles check to make sure that everything
is as you left it and make sure you have no unexpected visitors. Take Care...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Keep Your Kids Safe online

It has come to my attention that some children are being exposed to some
websites in which I do Not think that you a parent would want your kids
to be associated with and especially not visiting those sights online. All
this is being done under the eyes of people who are not even aware that their
Blackberry..Iphone and Smartphone and other mobile devices are some of the
ways these bad naughty sites are being exposed to children. You see the latest feature
that is being used is the different Apps with stands for Applications which are
being use as a marketing tactic to get more people to make more purchases of their products.

But what most parents
do not know and I am going to tell you that some of these links from these
different Apps also have links send people with out there permission to
some websites that may be for adults only. I know you says why don't you just
set the filter to stop these sites from being available.

But these apps some
how gets past the filters and goes to those inappropriate sites anyway. And also
watch out...since this problem was been discovered...some companies just hide their
links in other ways and pop up at random hidden behind some other applications.

Some companies are working to correct these issues, but others are just trying
to get more traffic to their website. So it is up to your kids and talk
to them about this will be amazed when they tell you they know about
it already. Some kids can work these apps better than their parents, so parents
ask your kids if the know about this they will educate you about it and then you
can put a stop to it, Then you can spread the word to other parents so they can
start to prevent this from happening to their kids.

Also watch some of those kids
websites... on their toolbar there is a more tab when kids click on this tab...this is another way kids are exposed to the naughty websites. Keep you eyes open
and let's keep our Kids Safe while they surf the net.

I listen to a computer radio show where the Host tries to keep people safe while
online...and she is also a concerned parent who interested also in Keeping
kids Safe Online listen to her radio show or go to her website:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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