Sunday, November 15, 2009

Online Tips

It was Saturday and i thought what should i do today...Maybe I should promote

my Website and Blog through different channels according to my game plan.

But I wanted to do something different so i remembered that the computer
Goddess Kim Komando has her radio show on today. So I turned on the radio
and found her station. She was talking about a variety of was how to
protect yourself online because, she had a segment about people get viruses on Facebook ,MySpace and other social networks.

She says people are gaining access to people accounts and making changes unknowing to the Person who has the actual account.

So She gave us a company that can help out with this problem and I thought i would pass it on to you as readers of my Blog.
The Site is named or just go to and she has so many good tips to help make
your online experience pleasant and fun also she has a company
that you can help back up you files just in case of an emergency or other acts of nature that cause your computer to crash or shut down.

That company is
just go to Kim's website she has promo codes that give you free trial periods. This way you can try out these services before you decide to join them or not.

Since it is the Beginning of the Holiday Season....And we love to point out Quality Deals to
our readers. There is a website which gives you over 40,000 Online Printable
coupons from Retailers all over the USA. I visited the site yesterday and
there are lots of discounts to be had from Major retailers at this website .Enjoy

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