Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday Tips

Below are 4 locations in which you may feel are useful
As you are shopping online. Take advantage of Cash Back
websites where you get money back for Shopping and don't
forget using coupon codes these can be used all the way up until
Christmas. Also there is a site that will email you if prices
change...this way you stay on top of things

Let me know if you find this information helpful...Aloha.
Get lots of deals...Have Fun...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Understanding Ebay Habits

Save....Save.....Save.... check on link below

eBay Coupons: The Myth

Enjoy Shopping On Your Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday...Black Friday Specials

What is Cyber Monday.....Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday and the official starting day to get great deals online shopping for the holiday season.Many merchants will offer great deals but will only be good online. There are usually wonderful quality deals throughout the holidays but some of the best savings can be discovered on this day, with the troubled economy any savings will be appreciated.
Below is several good places to start and I will list additional location also Cyber Monday Page
Flamingoworld Cyber Monday Page Cyber Monday Forum

Always remember if you can buy in bulk Just do it the saving will be awesome.
Many of these websites offer good discounts..others will have coupons and coupon
codes. Don't over look these savings your wallet will love you for it.
Keep your eye out for Free Shipping...Also sign up for free Alerts and Free Giveways this helps to keep
you up to date of Daily Bargains and Specials and Events. If newsletters are offered sign up for them also...all these secrets help you stay on your budget and make the Holiday Better.

And all the sales on line START Just after 12:01am. Get some Good
Deals...Be Safe Online...Protect Yourself...Always Look for the (https:)
in the websites url when placing your order...this means the site is Secure.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Birthday..

Happy Birthday...Today is my special Day and I will Start my
Day with a walk through Waikiki...maybe have Breakfast.
And Then I will do a little shopping, catch a movie and oh yeah
I have a Big Dinner Planned at Beachfront Restaurant also in
Waikiki.....Take care and be safe...Aloha

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am thankful For You

Ilike to take this time to say Happy ThanksGiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Great Tips for Holiday Shopping Deals

After All of the food and Family...Now it is Shopping Time
So Here is some websites so you can get the Jump On Black Friday.

Monday, November 23, 2009

How To Plan A Thanksgiving Meals

If you are planning a Special Dinner on Thanksgiving
and you are stressing Out Here is the Answer Check out
this video.....just click on the link below and you will
see a video that will solve all of your Holiday Cooking
Planning Problems.....Enjoy your Meal.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Black Friday is Coming Soon

As the Season to be Jolly fast approaches there are so many Sales that will

be going on. The Biggest one is the Day after Thanksgiving Sale Better Known
as Black Friday. This is the official first day as people start their Christmas
Shopping Activities as they run around trying to catch the best bargain and
save a few dollars, as they try to make their loved ones happy by buying them
a gift that they feel would be that perfect Christmas present.

Quality Deals are what folk are

seeking.So Remember while shopping always be alert....keep your eyes out for that
next Great Bargain. Do not go crazy thinking that you have to buy everything now.
Always look at the big picture and tomorrow is coming try to make your money last.

Protect your self when using credit or debit cards....when entering your codes
or pin numbers always put your hand over the area...because .you never know
who may be watching you, and always only use ATM machines where you feel
safe and the area has bright lights, and if someone is in line behind you and you
feel uncomfortable then go some where else or wait till later when you feel safe.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Money Savings Coupons

On my travels as we approach the Holiday Season I seem to find
a lot of coupons in which you can print out online and redeem
them at retails stores everywhere. I know myself when i am
preparing to shop, I go online and find Specials in the supermarket i want to
shop at... and all the stores now days have the same ads they run
in the local newspaper are now online as well as other Quality Online Deals.

Just go to your supermarket of choice website and print out the coupons
available and enjoy the extra dollars you will save shopping using this method.

Most companies are gearing up for the Holidays and are

offering big savings on proven products. Two companies I will mention
likes to pass on savings to online customers they are
and which gives you links to great stores, restaurants all over the USA.

And the other company is they also have promotional
codes which gives you access to different programs and additional savings

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Price: $19.54

iPhone Accessories

Jam Jacket iPhone w Cable Blac
DLO Jam Jacket for iPhone w/ Cable Management - Black. Soft silicone case with cable management for iPhone; keep your headphone cords tangle-free with built in cable management; gripable cover is comfortable and form-fitting; scrath-and-slip protection for your iPhone.

Price: $24.99

Online Tips

It was Saturday and i thought what should i do today...Maybe I should promote

my Website and Blog through different channels according to my game plan.

But I wanted to do something different so i remembered that the computer
Goddess Kim Komando has her radio show on today. So I turned on the radio
and found her station. She was talking about a variety of was how to
protect yourself online because, she had a segment about people get viruses on Facebook ,MySpace and other social networks.

She says people are gaining access to people accounts and making changes unknowing to the Person who has the actual account.

So She gave us a company that can help out with this problem and I thought i would pass it on to you as readers of my Blog.
The Site is named or just go to and she has so many good tips to help make
your online experience pleasant and fun also she has a company
that you can help back up you files just in case of an emergency or other acts of nature that cause your computer to crash or shut down.

That company is
just go to Kim's website she has promo codes that give you free trial periods. This way you can try out these services before you decide to join them or not.

Since it is the Beginning of the Holiday Season....And we love to point out Quality Deals to
our readers. There is a website which gives you over 40,000 Online Printable
coupons from Retailers all over the USA. I visited the site yesterday and
there are lots of discounts to be had from Major retailers at this website .Enjoy

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wristech Blood Pressure Monitor

Wristech Blood Pressure Monitor

WrisTech Blood Pressure Monitor! One Touch! This will make a great gift for a school nurse, Grand parent or mom.

Fully Automatic Wrist Type Blood Pressure Monitor lets you keep a close eye on your health Easy to use wristband style blood pressure monitor Blood pressure supplies for accurate LCD reading of blood pressure and pulse rate Oscillometric Pressure 0-300 mmHg Pulse 40-200 beats/minute Pressure +/- 3mmHg Pulse +/-5 Automatic re-inflatable pump system Automatic inflation (Air Pump) Automatic air release control valve Automatic exhaust valve Liquid Crystal Digital Display Includes carrying case, instruction manual, 2 AAA batteries SO 9001 Certified

Health & Beauty Disclaimer: The content on this site is not intended to substitute for the advice of a qualified physician, pharmacist, or other licensed health-care professional. The products may have additional information and instructions on or inside the packaging that you should carefully read and follow. Contact your health-care provider immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem. The use of dietary supplements may not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Wristech Blood Pressure Monitor
Price: $49.99

Product Of The Week!

We Will Start To Feature a Product of the Week!

Check in Daily to see what new Product we Choose.

Any Suggestions are Gladly Accepted.....

Leave your input in our comment Box on our
Homepage and enter our Free Giveaways

Thursday, November 12, 2009

invisibleSHIELD XBox 360

invisibleSHIELD XBox 360
Invisible Shield
invisibleSHIELD for the Microsoft XBox 360 (Full Body)

Price: $41.25



Price: $9.05

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Attention Electronic Lovers! xbox360...Ipod & Mp3 players accessories

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Welcome to Quality Online Deals, a New Shopping Website. I just went live a few days ago. I am so excited to finally have my own business again. I followed my Dream and did not give up when times got rough. This website is a Great Place to Discover proven products where you are guaranteed to save money and find good products you want and love.

This dream been a lot of hard work, back in May of this year I was notified that my contract with a company was I was working with would not be renewed or extended ,due to the tough
economy. All my credit I had earned during the year was now over and it shook my whole
foundation of life. I had to deal with the fear of not being able to pay my bills or take care of my family.

I must admit ,the first thing I did was panic and start feeling sorry for my myself, saying “why me?.”
I got really scared . The kind of fear that makes you think about your problems every minute
you are awake, and the last thing you think about before you go to bed. After a while of self pity I
started to gather my self and I thought about how much I have in my savings. I was lucky I had $2,800
in my bank account. So I thought about how many month's guarantee rent do I have to cover until I get another contract for work.

I remember one night I was just lying in the bed staring at the ceiling, thinking, that I have
to stop spending money and figure out a new way to earn money . I started thinking about
food and the everyday bills, How I going to cut back and safe enough to not worry too
much, so I could begin looking for work. I said my prayer to the Man upstairs and worked out a agreement that if he brings on the opportunities then I will do all of the work that is necessary.

So I decided to make up a resume'. You see I already have a virtual office in my home
and I do B2B Telemarketing working via the Internet ,setting appointments for different companies
salesmen. I had never done a resume in my life. It has always been my daily production carries your reputation in of business.

So one day I made up my resume' sat at my computer and did a Google search for Legitimate work opportunities from home jobs: My main concern was not getting ripped off or fall for any scams online. One day I was watching Good Morning America , they had a segment on working from home in the troubled economy, My ears perked up. They had a network of companies that had been screened to make sure they were on the up and up.

I researched the Show online and found a list of some companies I could work with.
I went to each company's website, filled out an application ,called some of them and sent off my resume', hoping for the best. In a couple of days I started getting calls from these prospective
employers offering me work. I was so relieved but knew this was just the beginning. I received
all of my software with instructions to work from several companies, I just made up my mind and chose the company I thought was the best. After some initial jitters I caught on and now I have gotten
a couple of raises I worked hard to earn an income of over $2,200 per month. This gave me some breathing room.

After a couple of months of hard work the desire to have my own business kept
coming up. But I wanted to accumulate some big savings. You know save enough money to feel more secure. One day I was watching a late night infomercial talking about Government Grants. I though to myself I have seen all this grant talk before, but this time the commentator said they would show you how to get through the red tape. That caught my interest because in my day job on the phone I go through red tape all day their I always have to figure things out myself.

I decided to attend their Seminar. The first part of the Seminar was the same old thing. Someone trying to convince you to make a decision that could change your life by purchasing their products After I heard the price, I lost interest. The lecture made sense but it was too high for my budget
but I decide to stay and get my free gift for attending the conference. Then I heard there would be
second speaker ,, so I I stayed and boy I was glad I did.

“Finally” I thought I will get some easy results and be on my way back to being comfortable again..So I stayed and the new speaker came up and said up front he is not going to promise us that we would become a millionaire, He said what he will do is show us how to make a couple of thousand dollars per month to help pay our bills. And he said he was going to tell us the
price up front and that it would not change and those who were not interested could get up and leave now. I thought” wow” how bold he is. Then I thought he must know what he is talking about. He said we did not need to have perfect credit to participate. This really gained my interest.

He started the second Seminar and was talking about building your own website and selling products via E-commerce.

This caught my attention because I had a website last year. And I was really interested and I just made
the decision to change my life,and to step out of the box and do something different. I purchased the program and took the training and have support services for life. They showed me
how to build my new website.

I am happy to announce that I just got my okay to go live, so visit me at when you get a chance at my new online store, and browse through our wide variety of products at register our free giveaways, for our Monthly Specials and New Products. And remember dreams do come true but it takes hard work, positive thinking and
oh yeah, a little luck. There is no Free Lunch. You have to work hard for what you want. Just don't give up no matter what.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Welcome to Quality Online Deals!

Quality Online Deals

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